STOP   E   – Absolute travel quarantine through incubation period.



Question – Answer

What would anyone need to do, to ensure the Ebola infection spreads disastrously?

Answer: Nothing at all – Just leave the present totally inept quarantine arrangements as they are and the same people in charge.

The West in the Middle East

The terrible, (and let us hope, not to continue) irony, is that, while the West (i.e. the USA and Great Britain) were willing and in fact eager to wrongly, illegally and, ignoring significant protest, to invade Iraq and desolate it (to some extent also Libya) but now absurdly and disastrously refuse to go back now to help put things right.


The focal point of all oppression and violence in the Middle East is a group of states which include Egypt, Israel, Palestine and in one case the parts of various places occupied by the ISIS. In these countries there are more victims than oppressors; the latter can, each one, make many victims. We have been misled by much that has been said about Hamas; the Palestinians have been wickedly oppressed by Israel and Egypt in nearly all aspects of their life even attacking farmers at their work.

For an informative article on the Israeli and Palestinian conflict and between Hama and Fatah and Israel read Nathan Thrall’s article in the London Review of Books of 21 August 2014.


In London Review of Books Vol. 36, 16 of 21 August 2014 Patrick Cockburn’s ‘ISIS Consolidates’ article shows I would think certainly that ISIS can be seen to be as threatening and disastrous a social phenomenon as any to have hit any part of the world since Genghis Khan or Attila the Hun. Effectively it is more dangerous even (as Cameron has pointed out) threatening countries in Europe than any natural event such as tsunamis, earthquakes, disease or famine. The rest of the world needs to respond as quickly and decisively as ISIS itself does; today – tomorrow will not do. ISIS has shown that terror works in battle or attack even if it does not in ordinary urban circumstances. We don’t need to be as ruthless as them but we need to be even more effective.

21st Century

The present 21st century world is overall characterised by, apparently willing, piecemeal abandonment (at state or nation level) of, now nearly all, the restraints and considerations of morality, fairness, honour and national and international law. Led by the USA and followed by Britain (and understandably to a point) by whoever we are in conflict or disagreement with. A historian might label this period ‘The Return to Barbarity’.

Hague and Co. like to sanitise their comments and proposals with references to “Moderate Rebels”.

You can recognise a happy medium, they say, by their smiling face.

I wouldn’t advise appearance (or anything else, much, either) in the search for a “moderate rebel” in Syria. Like Bertrand Russell’s “present King of France” – you’re not likely to find one.

They don’t seem to exist. The same applies to moderate rebels in Syria. How long would they last if their heart-eating associates had anything to do with it!

It’s hard for non-Muslims to realise that all this merciless hatred and barbarity is directed by Muslims against other Muslims. Then you remember what they do to those they accuse of theft or sexual unorthodoxy.

Not much chance of an appeal court to put right mistakes later.

If there are any Moderate Rebels, it would be safer for them to do their rebelling in a non-Muslim country.